S PAY GLOBAL supports payment using e-wallet. To top-up your e-wallet, you will need to log into your internet banking. The banks available are:

Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, AmBank, Bank Islam, Bank Muamalat, Bank Rakyat, Bank Simpanan Nasional, CIMB Clicks, Hong Leong Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Maybank2E, Maybank2U, OCBC Bank, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered, UOB Bank



  • Go to 'My Account', the second option on the bottom right
  • Select 'Withdrawal'
  • Add your preferred internet banking name and bank account number to perform withdrawal
  • We will process the withdrawal request within 7 business days.
  • Note: A fee of RM1.00 will incur for every withdrawal request


  • SNT is a subsidiary of SAINS which is wholly owned by the Sarawak Government. SNT operates PaybillsMalaysia, PayBillsSarawak and  S PAY GLOBAL
  • SNT has approval from Bank Negara to operate an electronic wallet within S PAY GLOBAL

There are two ways to add S PAY GLOBAL accounts to your Friends List.

First method is:


  • Select your nickname on the top left of your  S PAY GLOBAL homepage.
  • Select 'My Contacts'
  • Press the '+' sign on the top right.
  • You may search your friend's  S PAY GLOBAL account username or scan to add friend.


Second method is:


  • Select 'Name Card' on the top right of your  S PAY GLOBAL homepage.
  • Your QR code will be shown.
  • Ask your friend to scan your QR code to add you


  • S PAY GLOBAL is a mobile application offering a wide range of financial services, an initiative by the Sarawak Government to provide a one-stop mobile app payment channel for the public to make payment for bills or purchases via their mobile phone
  • It includes additional features such as Scan&Pay and payment using e-Wallet.
  • It is operated by SiliconNet Technologies Sdn. Bhd.(SNT)

There are a few ways on how you can get started as a S PAY GLOBAL Merchant.

First way is you may sign up as a merchant through the S PAY GLOBAL App. Go to Merchant Account and register your business. Upon a successful registration, you will instantly receive your Merchant QR Code and the option to set your price. Second way is you may click on the link at the Homepage that will redirect you to an Online Form. Fill in the Online Form in full and we will follow up.

For further questions, email us at hello@spayglobal.my

  • At the login screen, press the "Forgot Password"
  • Enter your full name, username and NRIC for verification
  • An auto generated password will be sent to you through your email
  • Use the temporary password to login and change your password once you have logged in


  • PaymentGalaxyWallet is an Internet-based electronic wallet (the Service), established, operated, maintained and owned by SiliconNet Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (SiliconNet)
  • PaymentGalaxyWallet is powered by PaymentGalaxy® Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Engine

  • Apart from PaymentGalaxyWallet,  Sarawak Pay also allows users to use Internet Banking or Credit Cards for payment

  • Users can pay bills including SESCO, all the 4 water utilities (KWB, SWB, LAKU & JBALB), all Sarawak councils (for payment of assessment bills).
  • S PAY GLOBAL can be used to purchase products or services at our participating merchants.
  • Our merchant listing can be viewed here : https://sarawakpay.sarawak.gov.my/pages.php?mod=merchant-listing&menu_id=0&sub_id=33


  • Go to 'My Account', the third option on the bottom right
  • Select Top-Up
  • Key in the amount you want to top-up
  • Select your preferred internet banking; you will be directed to the bank website
  • Note: Minimum top-up is RM30.00. Maximum top-up is RM3000.


S PAY GLOBAL Merchant is an app for merchants to conveniently view payment received. Available for download in Google Play and App Store.This APP is meant for internal distribution of Registered Company Merchants of S PAY GLOBAL and is made exclusive to in-house employees of the Company Merchant only. 




For security reasons and adhering to Bank Negara compliance, you are only allowed to have one device logged in with your S PAY GLOBAL account.

If your account is logged into with another device, your original device will be logged out and a notification will be sent to you. If you would like to switch your  S PAY GLOBAL account to your preferred device, please contact our Call Centre for assitance.


This S PAY GLOBAL Merchant App is meant for Registered Company Merchant to allow outlet staff to view confirmation of payment from customers using S PAY GLOBAL App (on a mobile device).

  • Download the S PAY GLOBAL app from Google playstore or Apple appstore
  • Launch the mobile app, then register as a NEW user
    • Complete the Registration form
    • An OTP will be sent to your hand phone.
    • To complete your registration you need to key in the 6 digits verification code. Upon successful registration, a S PAY GLOBAL account will be created.

The S PAY GLOBAL registered Company Merchant owner uses a browser-based merchant service system (https://spayfintech.sarawak.gov.my/ecs/) as an admin to assign or remove user account for their respective outlet staff to access the S PAY GLOBAL Merchant App.

S PAY GLOBAL Merchant APP is free for download. Just create an account in merchant management system and login with the user name name and password sent by sms.

If you have not subscribed your bills, go to 'Pay Bill' feature, press the '+' button on the top right, select the bill you want to subscribe and fill in the relevant details.

Note: You might need to refer to your physical bill to obtain account information to subscribe for the bill.

 i.    Convenient & Efficient

            No more dealing with loose change as users will pay in exact

            amount. A notification  will appear after every successful



ii.  Save Cost

Eliminate overhead cost incurred from handling cash, cards and

cheque payment.


iii.   Safe & Secure

No risk of losing cash as your money will be transferred directly

          to  your bank account. Sarawak Pay is guaranteed by the

          Sarawak  Government and is licensed by Bank Negara.



iv.   Get Advertised through our marketing channel

Let us help you promote your business! Reach out to

enlarge your customer base. Email us at hello@sarawakpay.gov.my


You may email to hello@spayglobal.my

Currently  S PAY GLOBAL has no service charge for merchants.

eGift for different occasions

  • Express your love to others with an eGift.
  • Send festive eGift such as e-Angpow, e-Duit Raya or for other occasions, to your family and friends.
  • Have fun with Lucky eGift option for a randomised eGift amount to be sent to a group of recipients (for up to 10 persons).

eWallet Usage Summary

  • Easy to use and easy to understand eWallet usage dashboard.
  • Understand spending behaviour at a glance.
  • Filter transaction history by category, date and merchant name.

Option to login via mobile number

  • Alternative login via Mobile number.
  • No longer stuck with forgotten username or password.
  • Alleviate instances of users being lock-out after multiple username-password failed attempts.

Email verification

  • Validates authenticity of user emails.
  • Updates users’ profile with up-to-date and contactable email.

Personal merchant to share payment link via social media

  • Conveniently share request for payments via social media or chat app.
  • Personal merchant can send a request for payment directly to users via 3rd party mobile chat or social media apps. Users can conveniently make payment by tapping on the link provided.

Recurring payment for donation and PTPTN

  • Schedule reminder for future PTPTN repayments.
  • Easy way for users to make repeat contribution to their favourite charity.

Member Loyalty rewards (points)

  • Collect points at participating merchants when you use SPayGlobal for your daily needs.
  • Exchange collected points to reduce payment amount at participating merchants.

General UI and UX improvement

  • General updates on UI and UX.

Check back here for more exciting new feature in the next version release.

Friendly onscreen reminders


  • Users are guided with the following onscreen reminder:
    1. Press and hold the record button to take a 3-second selfie video.
    2. Please remove your face mask when taking the selfie video. 


Guides during IC Photo taking and Video Selfie (for Android phones only)


  • Users are given a template to guide them during the eKYC photo taking and selfie video recording. This is to ensure better quality photo and video for more accurate eKYC.


Basic Wallet

Premium Wallet

Wallet limit is RM500

Wallet limit is RM3,000

You can top up to RM500

You can top up to RM3,000

Fund transfer is limited to another SPAYGLOBAL e-Wallet to RM 50 per transaction

Fund transfer to another SPAYGLOBAL e-Wallet is limited to RM500 per transaction

No withdrawal is allowed

Withdrawal is allowed at a limit of RM1,000 per day

Registration for Personal Merchant account is not available


Registration for Personal Merchant account is available


Kindly send your S PAY GLOBAL business name to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can reach us at merchant@spayglobal.my or 011-10680722 (WhatsApp Only).


Please fill up this merchant request form (download here) and email to merchant@spayglobal.my with owner/director NRIC.

Yes, please fill in the S PAY GLOBAL Merchant application form (download here) and email your request to our team at merchant@spayglobal.my

If you are a verifed S PAY GLOBAL personal merchant, this is how you print your merchant QR Code:

Step 1: Go to Merchant Account and tap “Download QR Code”. The merchant QR Code will be saved in your phone’s photo gallery.

Note: Only merchant account that has been verified and activated will be enabled to display the QR Code.

Step 2: Send your merchant QR Code via email and download it to your computer.

Step 3: Go to http://spayglobal.my to download QR Code Template (Be A Merchant >Personal Business Registration > Step 6). Ai Files or Jpeg are available to download. Follow the visual guide on where to place your merchant QR Code on the template and add in your business name. 

Step 4: Done! You can print and display your merchant QR Code to receive payment! 


Please send a screenshot of your inactive merchant account with Business Name, Merchant ID and Username to verify@spayglobal.my, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Personal Business Registration – If you are running your own business and the proceeds goes to your own personal bank account, you can opt for online Personal Business Registration through Sarawak Pay App.


Companies’/organization/association registration – If the business is operating as a SSM registered company and the proceeds goes to the registered company bank account, use the Sarawak Pay Merchant Application Form to apply. You may engage any of our authorized agents to assist with your application.  Please refer to our S PAY GLOBAL website http://spayglobal.my for our latest merchant application form and our authorized agents. 



Yes, S PAY GLOBAL registration is FREE. No fees or any costs shall be charged or collected by the agent or agencies. Please report to (082-22 45 99) if solicited by person not authorized by S PAY GLOBAL


Please fill up this merchant request form (download here) and email to merchant@spayglobal.my with owner/director NRIC and bank statement.

It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You may reset in your S PAY GLOBAL Merchant Password with the following.

  1. Log in to Merchant Management System website.
  2. Click Cashier > Cashier Operators Management
  3. Click Search and select the Cashier you want to reset the password
  4. Click Reset Password.


Ensure that your phone’s operating system is up-to-date as S PAY GLOBAL Merchant is only supported on iOS Version 8.0 and Android Version 5.0 and above.


Currently S PAY GLOBAL has no service charge for merchants.


Convenient & Efficient

No more dealing with small change as customers will pay in exact amount.

A notification will appear after every successful transaction.


Save Cost

Eliminate overhead cost incurred from handling cash, cards and cheque payment.


Safe &Secure

No risk of losing cash as your money will be transferred directly to your bank account. Sarawak Pay is guaranteed by the Sarawak Government and is licensed by Bank Negara.


Get Advertised through our marketing channel

Let us help you promote your business! Reach out to enlarge your customer base. 

There are two ways to sign up as a merchant, depending on your business nature:-

Individual Merchant – Suitable for individuals, sole proprietors, small scale businesses, home based stores, hawkers, etc


  1. You can register via the  S PAY GLOBAL App by clicking the “Merchant” > “Merchant Account”.
  2. Fill in the form with correct information and press Submit.
  3. View and receive payment through your QR Code

Note: Only merchant account that has been verified and activated will be enabled to display the QR Code.

You may obtain  S PAY GLOBAL template in our website

Business Merchant – Suitable for medium sized businesses, companies, associations, organizations, etc


i.       Fill in the  S PAY GLOBAL Merchant Application Form in full and attach supporting documents

ii.      Email it to merchant@spayglobal.my


Allow 3 - 4 working days for processing excluding delivery of QR code, and other marketing materials.

You can access the user guide of the Merchant Management System below.

SPayGlobal Merchant Management System Guide (sarawak.gov.my)

i.       Obtain your QR Code

ii.      View transactions in real time

iii.     View account details

iv.     Edit your business information

v.      Create new operators

vi.     Create new cashiers (For Merchant App)

vii.    Downloading payment information & reports

viii.   Void transactions


After successful merchant application, we will email you your login details.

You may reset your password by doing the following:

1. Click on FORGOT PASSWORD on the login page.
2. Fill in your registered merchant USERNAME, BUSINESS EMAIL and MOBILE NO.
3. Click CONFIRM. Password reset link will be sent to your BUSINESS EMAIL.

Merchant Management system guide-how to reset your password English copy (sarawak.gov.my)

You can view in S PAY GLOBAL Admin website or S PAY GLOBAL Merchant app.

Payments to your merchant account will be transferred to your bank account the next working day. Payments made on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be transferred on Monday.

Due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. no Internet connectivity or interruption to bank transfer service, there may be a delay in settlement. Otherwise, standard settlement period is next working day.

If you want to change your banking information, you can contact

S PAY GLOBAL Customer Service (24 x 7) at:

Email: merchant@spayglobal.my

Tel: (082-22 45 99)



For Individual Merchants, you can view transactions from your Merchant Account in S PAY GLOBAL App.

For Business Merchants, you can view transactions from your Merchant Management System https://spayfintech.sarawak.gov.my/ecs or S PAY GLOBAL Merchant App.


1. What is the relationship between SiliconNet Technologies Sdn. Bhd and its insurance partners?

SiliconNet Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a registered agent under Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM).





Agent’s Name

SiliconNet Technologies Sdn Bhd


Agent’s Registration No.



Agent’s Contact Details




F11 & F12, 1st Floor, Mall 2, CityOne Megamall, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak






Name of Principal

MSIG Insurance(Malaysia) Bhd

2. Can I purchase this product direct from insurance company?

Yes, to purchase directly from your preferred insurer, you may contact the insurer, visit the insurer’s website or walk into your nearest insurer’s branch.

1. What types of Car insurance is provided in SPayGlobal eWallet?

SPayGlobal's insurance partner is providing private* car comprehensive insurance.

*Not available yet for commercial vehicle (such as Trucks and Lorries)

2. How to pay for the insurance purchase?

The payment can only be made within SPayGlobal App.

Please ensure that you have sufficient SPayGlobal eWallet balance before making the purchase.

3. If I do not have sufficient eWallet balance, will my payment go through?

No, the payment will not go through.

Please ensure that you have sufficient SPayGlobal eWallet balance before making the purchase

4. Who should I contact if I encounter system or payment failure?

You may call our SPayGlobal contact centre via:

Telephone: 082-224599

Email: customerservice@spayglobal.my

Online Submission: https://bit.ly/onlinefeedbackformSP

5. Where can I get the insurance product details in SPayGlobal eWallet?

You may tap on the Insurance Partner’s Logo Icon to get the insurance product details.

Alternatively, you may click on the hyperlink below:



Product Name


Product Disclosure Sheet link


MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad

MSIG Motor Insurance



1. What is the duration of the renewed insurance coverage period?

The insurance coverage period provided by our insurance partners will be 1 year.

2. Am I able to purchase add-ons to my car insurance policy?

Yes, you can select add-on benefits that are offered by our insurance partner at the Add-On Page.

3. When I purchase multiple Car Insurance, how do I get the policy?

The e-Policy will be emailed to the purchaser’s email address, unless a different email address is provided to SPayGlobal eWallet.

4. I did not get my e-policy, what should I do?

You may proceed to call our insurance partners’ customer service hotline for assistance.



Roadside Assistance

Customer Service Hotline




MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad