i)                What is Member Loyalty Rewards Points/Membership Cards?
Membership Loyalty Rewards Points and Membership Cards are Customer Loyalty tools that Merchant can take advantage and offer their customers Rewards Points as well as Bonuses when spending at their store.

ii)              Who is it for?
The Member Loyalty Rewards Points/Membership Cards is for SPayGlobal Merchants who wish to offer a loyalty reward system for their customers.

iii)           How does that benefit me as an SPayGlobal user?
As a user, you can earn membership points at these participating merchants, and subsequently exchange these points for discounts when you are buying from these merchants.

iv)            I am a merchant, where can I sign up?
Please contact our Sales Team via email at
merchant@spayglobal.my for more information.


What is eGift

  • eGift is an exciting new feature that allows SPayGlobal users to send e-money (as Gifts) to other users for a specific occasion. For simple User Guide, download it here.

Where can we find the eGift feature?

  • You can find eGift under the “My S Pay” section in SPayGlobal ver. 3.1 app.

What is the difference between Standard eGift and Lucky eGift?

  • Standard eGift means all recipients receive the same amount.
  • Lucky eGift means each recipient will receive a random amount.

Will there be any charges for sending eGift?

  • eGift is a free feature.

Who can enjoy the eGift feature?

  • Premium Wallet User only; Basic Wallet users will not be able to send/receive eGift.

Can I send an eGift to a non-SPG user?

  • YES. The eGift Link will prompt the recipient to register as an SPG user.

Any expiry for the eGift link sent?

  • eGift Link is valid for 2 hours from the time the eGift is sent. After that it will be expired.
  • Users will no longer be able to claim the eGift from the expired link. Money will be returned to the sender automatically after the link has expired.
  • Sender may send a new eGift to those who failed to claimed timely.

How many recipients can we send the eGift to at any one time?

  • You can send to a maximum of 10 users at any one time.

Do I get cashback for sending eGift?

  • NO. There is no cashback for sending eGift.

Is there any limit to sending eGift?

  • Yes, there is a daily, monthly and yearly limit.

Is there any limit to receiving eGift?

  • NO. There is no limit to receiving eGift as long as the eGift amount can fit within user maximum wallet size of RM3,000.00.

Can we send it directly to a banking account?

  • NO. It can only be claimed with a valid SPayGlobal Premium Wallet account.

a)    Why can’t I see the overparking notice, compounds that I have just been served?

KCPS updates their system in batches. Overparking notices or compounds received will most likely be available for payment in the following business day once it has been updated by KCPS.

b)    Can I pay my old overparking compounds?

You will be able to pay for any of your parking compounds within the 14-day period. Any compounds exceeded the 14-day period will not be available in the app.