• You can scan the QR Code on the bills or at the outlet and pay using your e-wallet.
  • This feature will be available for newly issued SESCO, KWB and Local Council Assessment bills, and at the various outlets at Riverside Majestic Hotel and Grand Margherita Hotel



  • You may now “Share Receipt” of any of your payment with any App that supports PDF document sharing. Select Payment History and go to the transaction details page.



Who is UnionPay & What is UnionPay Virtual Card?

  • UnionPay International (UPI) is an internationally well-known, cross-border payment service provider.
  • UnionPay Virtual Card is a digital payment card that is linked to your Sarawak Pay eWallet, which you can use to make cashless payments outside of Sarawak at merchants that have UnionPay QR code.
  • Who can apply for UnionPay Virtual Card?
  • For all S PAY GLOBAL premium Wallet Accounts.
  • Basic wallet user will not be able to apply for UnionPay Virtual Card.

How is UnionPay Virtual Card useful for me?

  • With UnionPay Virtual Card, S PAY GLOBAL eWallet is now global and can be used anywhere in the world where UnionPay QR Code is accepted.
  • UnionPay QR Code acceptance has exceeded 30 million merchants in over 40 countries. These include destinations popular with Malaysians such as Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and USA.

Is there any S PAY GLOBAL Cashback Reward for using UnionPay Virtual Card?

  • Cashback may be offered for a stated campaign period
  • You can enjoy the convenience of being able to use your Sarawak Pay eWallet for your foreign currency purchases at participating UnionPay merchants, at lower than credit card charges.

How do I apply for my UnionPay Virtual Card?

  • Step 1 :                 Select  ‘My Account’ ->  'UnionPay'
  • Step 2 :                 Read and Agree to the Terms & Conditions tap “Apply”
  • Step 3 :                 Fill in the application form
  • Step 4 :                 Take photo of your MyKad (Front and Back) and also a Proof/Supporting Document
  • Step 5 :                 Take a video selfie and tap “Next”
  • Step 6 :                 There would be an administrative fee of RM5.00 for successful application.
  • Step 7 :                 Wait for the approval of your UnionPay Virtual Card.
  • Approval is subject to the verification of the details/documents submitted in Step 3, 4 & 5.

Are there any fees associated with the application/cancelation and usage of the UnionPay Virtual Card?

* All fees and charges are subject to Government Sales & ServiceTax, if applicable.
** All fees are waived during this introductory period from March 2021 to June 2021.

What do I do if my application is rejected?

  • You can apply again but make sure your supporting document, MyKad photos and Selfie video are clear and not blurry.

Can I check my transaction history for UnionPay Virtual Card?

  • Yes, select “History” icon on the Sarawak Pay home screen, at top right corner of the screen tap on filter and choose “UnionPay”

Does my UnionPay Virtual Card has an expiry date?

  • Yes, expiry date is stated in the UnionPay Card info page (5 years from the date of approval).
  • You will be notified one (1) week before card expiry date
  • You can reapply for a new card after it has expired.

Can I cancel my UnionPay Virtual Card?

  • Yes, you can cancel your UnionPay Virtual Card at the UnionPay Card page.




  • Better security and improved convenience with FaceID or TouchID enabled during application, view card info or cancellation of the UPI virtual card.
  • When applying for the UnionPay virtual card, S PAY GLOBAL users who already have their eKYC verified will not need to perform eKYC again.