What is Loyalty Rewards?

  • Loyalty Rewards is a new feature whereby users get rewarded with rebate and vouchers for using S PAY GLOBAL.

Who is Loyalty Rewards for?

  • For all S PAY GLOBAL e-Wallet users. 

Do I need to apply to be a member to enjoy Loyalty Rewards?

  • No, all S PAY GLOBAL users are entitled to enjoy the Loyalty Rewards.
  • Just tap on the NEW Loyalty Rewards icon in the S PAY GLOBAL home screen to begin enjoying your Loyalty Rewards.

What kind of Loyalty Rewards can I enjoy?

  • There are 3 types of Loyalty Rewards (where applicable) i.e.: 
    - Direct discount (rebate) from an on-going campaign
    - Receive discount voucher after making payment
    - Find available vouchers from Get Voucher page  
    (TIPS: check the details of each voucher to understand their respective conditions of use)

How do I get the Loyalty Rewards vouchers?

  • You can get vouchers via the following methods:
  1. Go to Loyalty Rewards in the S PAY GLOBAL home screen
  2. Tap “Get More Voucher”  to view available vouchers   
    (TIPS : to find available vouchers near you, make sure you have your GPS turned on and allowed it to be used with S PAY GLOBAL app)  
  3. Receive voucher after making payment with S PAY GLOBAL at participating S PAY GLOBAL Merchants
  4. Vouchers sent to you via SMS/QR Code scans

How do I know which merchant has voucher?

  • Just go to the “Get More Voucher” page inside Loyalty Rewards to see the vouchers that are available and the merchants participating.

Will there be any fee associated with the Loyalty Rewards?

  • No joining or membership fee involved. Loyalty Rewards is free for all loyal S PAY GLOBAL users.

As a merchant, how can I take advantage of Loyalty Rewards to attract more customers?


  • Leverage on the large S PAY GLOBAL user-base to promote your brand and market your business.
  • Offer discount vouchers to attract more customers and bring in more sales.
  • Build repeat sales and enlarge your loyal customer base.
  • Eliminate printing and distribution cost, thus lowering marketing and operation cost.
  • Your name/brand gets advertise on the e-voucher.
  • Priority to market your name/brand on Merchant Advertisement banner (advertisement fee may apply).


Is there a fee for using the Loyalty Rewards feature to promote my business?


  • As introductory limited offer, all fees are waived but it’s on first come, first serve basis.


How can my business be eligible for the S PAY GLOBAL Pay Loyalty programme?


  • The programme is open as a value-add marketing tool to all registered S PAY GLOBAL Merchant.
  • The number of vouchers released will be proportionate to your budget and each voucher value.


I am interested to know more of this customer Loyalty Reward programme?


  • Contact our Merchant Team (Whatsapp to 011-10680722) for further information on how you can take advantage of this marketing tool to increase sales.


Cashback is a promotional campaign for a limited period of time to incentivise and encourage cashless payment for daily consumption.

Cashback given ranges from 3-8% and is capped at max of not more than RM1 for each payment transaction. 

You can earn cashback by:-

i. Making payment using  S PAY GLOBAL at any of the  S PAY GLOBAL participating merchant.

ii. Making bill payment using e-Wallet at  S PAY GLOBAL feature or Scan & Pay at the QR code of the printed bill. Ensure that you have sufficient balance in your e-wallet for bill payment.

iii. After payment immediately shake your phone or tap on “Shake for Reward” button.

i. You may have missed it. To retrieve, you may Tap on the “Shake for Reward” button to claim the reward or go to “History”, click on transaction made and Shake or Tap for Reward.

ii. Payment made via Internet Banking is not eligible for cashback.

iii. You can contact our  S PAY GLOBAL Customer Service (24x7) at 1-300-88-7722 for further assistance or email us immediately at customerservice@spayglobal.my if no cashback is given.

1) What is SPayGlobal Redemption Code?

It is a one-time use code to redeem SPayGlobal voucher that anyone can purchase to give away as prizes/gifts/rewards for their events/promotion/marketing. The vouchers can be of various denomination values of RM1, RM3, RM5, RM10, RM30 and RM50.


2) How do I purchase voucher with redemption code?

Call our office at 082-266 222 or 

email our customer service at customerservice@spayglobal.my

Speak to any of our sales personnel


3) Is there any service charge for the voucher with redemption code?

Yes, there is a minimal 5% service charge.


4) How do I redeem voucher using redemption code?

a) At Home screen, tap on Loyalty Rewards. 

b) Tap Redeem at top right of the At My Loyalty Rewards page.

c) Enter your redemption code.

d) Enter the security verification code presented.

Reward Account is where your cashback and other rewards are stored in S PAY GLOBAL.

Reward Account amount is owned by the Operator (SNT), therefore you are not able to do fund transfer, split bill or withdrawal from your Reward Account.


Money in your Reward Account will be deducted first during your next e-Wallet payment.

No, you may use the cashback reward in Reward Account on your next payment.