a)    Renaming – New Name, New Logo.

Beginning 15th September 2021, Sarawak Pay will be known as “S PAY GLOBAL

b)    New Look

Version 3.0 will feature a redesigned Home Page User Interface (UI) that is more streamlined and convenient to use. Have a look at S PAY GLOBAL - NEW UI QUICK START GUIDE

c)    New Lifestyle features in Version 3.0

  • Pay Bill – Allows users to subscribe, manage and pay bills
  • Finance – Allows users to repay Loan and make investment deposit for Tabung Pendidikan (PTPTN)
  • Insurance – Allows users to purchase & pay KampungKu Fire insurance premiums for longhouses
  • Donation – Allows users to make donations to their preferred organisations and give back to the society
  • Food – Order food from Ooha APP and pay with S PAY GLOBAL
  • Parking – Pay your KPCS parking conveniently with S PAY GLOBAL

*More lifestyle vendors and features will be added gradually in future releases.


a)    S PAY GLOBAL and Sarawak Pay, are they the same product?

YES, S PAY GLOBAL and Sarawak Pay are the same product.

b)    What will happen to my Sarawak Pay account? Can I continue to use my Sarawak Pay account?

  1. S PAY GLOBAL will use the same Sarawak Pay account credentials.  See Security in item 4.
  2. All existing users will prompted to update to Version 3.0 

c)    Are there any changes to the User Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and disclaimers?

NO, aside from the name change of Sarawak Pay to S PAY GLOBAL, there is no amendments to the usage policies.

a)    What will happen to my balance, my vouchers and cash back rewards?

Your wallet balance, collected voucher as well as cash back rewards remain unchanged and the same will be available in S PAY GLOBAL.

b)    Can we still scan the existing Sarawak Pay QR Code with S PAY GLOBAL?

YES, all existing merchants QR Code and payment QR Codes will continue to be used and function as usual with S PAY GLOBAL.

c)    Is S PAY GLOBAL app accepted at all merchant Point of Sale (POS), website or mobile apps that featured Sarawak Pay as a payment option?


d)    Is my transaction history still there?

YES, all your transaction carried out in Sarawak Pay will still be there in S PAY GLOBAL.

e)    How about my subscribed bills?

All your subscribed bill(s) will still be available in S PAY GLOBAL.

f)    Can I still use my UnionPay card internationally?

YES, your Sarawak Pay UnionPay Virtual card is now S PAY GLOBAL UnionPay Virtual card, and the usage remains the same.

g)    Is there any change in the wallet size? Do I have a larger wallet size?

Wallet size remains unchanged in Version 3.0
Premium wallet has a max limit of RM3,000.00
Basic Wallet max limit is RM200.00

a)    Can I still use my username, my password & my payment pin?

YES, your username, password & payment pin remain unchanged as it was in Sarawak Pay.

b)    How about my biometric (fingerprint and Face-ID) security profile?

You will need to re-activate your biometric security profile on your device every time a new version is released. (review)

c)    Do I need to go through another round of device binding?

NO if you are using the same device.
However, if you are using a different device from that of your Sarawak Pay, then you will need to do a device change request.

d)    I have done my eKYC for Sarawak Pay, do I need to redo?


e)    I want to register as a new S PAY GLOBAL user, do I need to do eKYC?

YES, all new user registration will need to go through eKYC.

a)    I have gotten my first payment of BKSS in my Sarawak Pay, am I going to continue receiving my second payment of BKSS in S PAY GLOBAL?

YES, your second payment of BKSS aid will be disbursed to you via S PAY GLOBAL.

a)    Where can I get customer service for S PAY GLOBAL?

You can reach Customer Service at the same telephone number of 1-300-88-7722 or 082-2245-99, or email us at customerservice@spayglobal.my

a)    Why can’t I see the overparking notice, compounds that I have just been served?

KCPS updates their system in batches. Overpacking notice or compounds received will most likely be available for payment in the following business day.

b)    Can I pay my old overparking compounds?

You will be able to pay for any of your parking compounds within the 14-day period. Any compounds exceeded the 14-day period will not be available in the app.